Wrong direction


IF you saw a great artist trying to paint but failing because he was blindfolded would you help by taking off the blindfold or hold his wrist and try move it in the right direction?

This seems to be what we are doing with our entire approach to healing chronic disease and long term illness. Studying mechanisms the immune system uses to heal and then mimicking them with drugs.is the equivalent of holding the artist wrist.

The body knows how to heal and the answer is staring at us in the face and being dismissed as just the placebo effect! When a patient can take a sugar pill and see his tumours disappear then surely those are the mechanisms that need to be studied.

It is unlikely that every future scientific breakthrough only goes to prove how today's conventional wisdom is right about everything?

In a thousands years we will more than likely look back at today's doctors and scientists the same way we look back at them in the past, a mixture of amazement and horror, how we could know so much with such primitive tools and horrified by how our treatment was so much worse then the illness.

That means that right now in every hospital around the world we are in some cases putting cow dung on an open wound.

That's not to say chemo is dung and nobody should have, its a proven treatment that can work but ultimately if we are to really cure disease we need to take a step back and look at the big picture.

The connection between mind, body and spirit has to be the key.