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Has anyone used Dr Jason Williams for treatment? I believe he performs cryoablation and delivers immunotherapy directly to tumors instead of through IV. Also i think he has a practice in US as well as mexico??
I’d be very interested to hear if anyone has any info or been treated. Many thanks!


I’ve never heard of him before but I did find the website for his cancer institute:
It looks fishy to me. I couldn’t find any publication from him and his colleague Mark Rosenberg on pubmed. They list research studies on their website but only the first one is from them and it is a poster, it does not look like a published research study. They made the second study listed on their website look like it was theirs but it is not (you can click on their link to verify).
Their idea may be good but it should be part of a clinical trial in my opinion.
Also, the address in Georgia is a virtual office:

But the address in Alabama is real.


Hi and thanks Elodie! Thought it sounded too good too be true.
Looks like 2 options will be available if lung mets develop. Either going to a China hospital - Fuda or Modern where it looks like they’ll do both cryoablation with immunotherapy / fly to USA for cryoablation and come back home and try and get immunotherapy off label. Either way it’ll cost heaps ( no cryo in Oz, in USA think cryo costs bout 30k!) And no guarantee we wont have more than 1 lung met needing more cryo. During my research it really does seem cryoablation is the best,least invasive treatment for mets.


What about radiation like cyber knife? Anyone tried that already for Mets?


I am doing SBRT right now for a lung metastasis. It’s not with a cyberknife machine though, it’s with TrueBeam from Varian. I don’t think it makes a difference but who knows?
I was not eligible for cryoablation because I have a big vein too close to the lesion. My understanding is that big blood vessels act as heat sink (or actually cold sink in this case) and the lesion cannot get cold enough for cryoablation to work. There are limitations for each type of treatment so it’s impossible to tell ahead of time what will be an option and what won’t. It’s good to have a list of things to look into though…


I heard with SBRT the number of treatments is lower than with regular radiation. Is that correct? How many sessions you have to do for your nodule?


Hi Elodie
So sorry to hear you have another lung nodule, it is only the one isn’t it? Was it found during regular scans? I’m hoping it’s not too big and located in an area so it can beceasily eradicated. Thinking of you.


It’s only 5 sessions every 2 days. Also no skin burn unlike the first time I had radiation IMRT in 2008.


Dadoona, it’s only one small nodule found on regular scans.


That does not sound as bad. I hope it wipes out your nodule. I have to make a decision on what to do on my daughter nodules soon.


Hi Elodie, I know you were doing SBRT late last year. Did it work for you? What happened in you latest scan?

My daughter has several nodules, two have shown 1 mm growth in 5 months but they tell me they are still too small for SBRT… I want to take them out as soon as possible but to see what was your experience with your nodule and the SBRT rounds.

Thanks a lot for your help.


I had the SBRT in November and everything went well at that time, with no side effect. On December 23rd, I started to cough up blood and I had a CT scan on December 29th. The nodule which was radiated disappeared and there is some junk in the area that may indicate damaged lung but I have a new mass that went from nothing to 3.9cmx3cm in the other lung. I have no idea if it has anything to do with the SBRT. My surgeon first thought it may be an infection and put me on antibiotics. I stopped coughing up blood once I started them but I feel that my airways are still not clear and I now finished the antibiotics. This new mass looks like it could be a recurrence of a tumor that was removed from that area in 2013 (very similar look and location). I am supposed to have a biopsy on Tuesday to confirm. If it is a recurrence, I wonder why it waited so long to come back and then popped up so suddenly. It’s very scary and the plan for now is to do more radiation therapy if it is cancer. I am also trying to get a second opinion from MSKCC but it’s a nightmare to get 14 years worth of information from many different institutions to them :frowning:


O my God,. I was hoping you were on the last nodule. How often did you scan. Coming from nothing to 3.9 cm is not something I expected since you have been fighting this a long time.

Why do they do a full extraction of the new nodule rather than a biopsy? They can’t remove it completely?

I wish you the best for Tuesday’s procedure. I hope is just an infection or something.


Oh dear, Elodie. Everything that we can cross for you is crossed. Please keep us in the loop.
In the meanwhile, we’re keeping you in our thoughts.

Seenie and the whole Moderator Support Team (TJ, Christina and Meli)


I’m thinking of you Elodie. :sunflower:


Wow, does it grow that fast? It could still be something else… Hope so for you! Send you positive thoughts!


Oh my gosh, Elodie. I’m so very sorry. It is hard to understand how this comes from what seems like nowhere. It happened to my husband as well. We
will be thinking and praying for your procedure.


The last scan was in September so that’s 3 months between scans. I got an opinion from NYU last Thursday and they did suggest I meet with their surgeon who is supposed to be very good. But considering how fast this thing grew and its location, I feel clear margins would not be possible with a surgery and it could very well regrow to the same size within recovery time. I decided I was too much in a hurry to cancel my biopsy to first meet with NYU surgeon. I’d rather start doing something as soon as possible rather than taking too much time contemplating my options. I go with my gut feelings and hope for the best. I may be running out of luck but I am grateful for my past luck. My son was just born when I was diagnosed. He is now 14 years old. At least I was able to be there for him when he needed me most…


Hi Elodie, you are my hero and you will win against this latest setback. Please, please stay positive. I will be praying for you. I could not have gone thru so much the last few months with my daughter without your positive advice and information. You had made a difference and will continue to make it to everyone on our group. I am positive that you will continue enjoying your son for a long time.


Thank you all for the positive thoughts :slight_smile: