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We need your help!

We are just 44 complete responses away from 500 participants in the survey about the impact of the Internet on people dealing with sarcomas. If you have about 30-40 minutes of time to help, please share your personal insights and help us reach this important goal. It'd be great if you would encourage other sarcoma families that you know to also participate in it as well as the survey ends July 1st! A report of the survey results will be sent to medical teams, advocacy groups and support groups around the world and will discuss the types of online information that patients and their families seek and the benefits and challenges they encounter when learning and connecting online. Please see

I just completed the survey. Do you know if the results will be made available? I'd be interested in receiving a copy.


We hope to have them complied 4-5 weeks after the survey ends (June 30th). They will be posted on