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Hi all-

New to this board, but saw someone on another thread (that I cannot find now) was looking for a sarcoma specialist in the Washington DC area. I can HIGHLY recommend Katie Thornton at Sibley Hospital in NW DC (part of the Johns Hopkins group of facilities).

I have been seeing her since I was initially diagnosed 5.5 years ago (excluding a time when she left to work for the FDA to get Pazopanib approved for us!) and she is so wonderful - compassionate, smart, and always looking for new things to try. I am actually currently being treated at Fox Chase in Philadelphia because I'm participating in the Yondelis trial, but that came at the recommendation of Dr. Thornton, who continues to be involved in my care, and who I still consider to be my primary oncologist.

Let me know if you have any question, would be glad to chat further!

How is yondelis working for you?

Dennis Priebat at the NationL Cancer Institute