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Waiting is the worst, how do you cope with the stress of waiting? My husband has now had 7 cycles of doxo/ifos and 4 days of cyber knife - he had a pet ct scan done yesterday and now we wait for the results...

You shouldn't be waiting. You should be enjoying life and make the best of the time you have until the results come. When they are bad, they come too quickly! Good luck!

You are very right Elodie!! Anyway results are in - glucose uptake back to a normal amount although they have found some nodules on his lung which they think might be from an infection. The way forward - antibiotics to kill the infection and 3 months of Votrient and then our next check-up.

I do hope the nodules in the lung will disappear with the antibiotics. Enjoy the coming three months and try to relax :-) Good luck!

First off I am sorry to hear about ur hubby, my husband has been fighting this monster for nearly 4 years now, for you all of this is very new and I understand all the questions you have because I had the same ones. You will never stop stressing or worrying but u will find that u will become immune to it strange as that seems it’s true. Elodie is right don’t worry about results they are one of the many things on the journey that’s ahead of you that you will never have control over, what you do have control over is the way you spend your days, so carry on with life as normal and laugh loads. Best of luck for the future x