Votrient not working anymore


My husband was diagnosed with metastatic synovial sarcoma in his lungs 12mths ago. During this time he was taking Votrient and had a lower lobectomy in April 2016 due to a nodule not responding to Votrient. We had a several months of him being stable. Hovewer, the scan that he did this week showed some new nodules and activity in his lymph area. This is all very scary and not sure why I am even writing this but hoping that someone will tell me that there is some magic chemotherapy that works?


I wish there was a magic cure too :worried:
Is he going to stop votrient? Sometimes when people stop votrient, tumors start growing very aggressively. I wonder if high dose ifosfamide could prevent that. Otherwise, the next step is usually clinical trials or trabectedin.
Here are 2 studies available in Australia:

Olaratumab has shown promise in soft tissue sarcoma but I don’t know about synovial sarcoma.
How long has he been taking votrient?


He had a leak in his lungs and was admitted to hospital 2 days ago. He was
taking Votrient since January 2016 and today was advised to stop taking
it. He was handling Votrient extremely well during this period.


What is the plan offered by his medical team? I hope he recovers quickly and doesn’t experience any aggressive tumor growth. Keep us posted!


mon papa lui aussi est atteint d’un synovialosarkome, on lui a enlevé un lobe du poumon et des bouts de côtes
après 3 sortes de chimiothérapie il essaye maintenant votrient
je suis d’accord avec vous c 'est effrayant
moi aussi j’ai envie de croire à une chimio magique …