Votrient is not working!


This is Evan's wife. Evan has had surgery, chemo, chemo, radiation, chemo, radiation with votrient. The oncologist is stating that we are out of options and that Evan and I are going have to accept death. I will not face that. He is going to continue fighting. If he dies I will be able to go on. I love too much. Please help. Every doctor tells us that he is going to die. There must be other options. He is going to go for a minor amount of doxirubin. His heart is not in good condition anymore due the chemo and raditation. His oncologist said he has never had patient go throught so many different treatments and not give up. He is so sick, but he is fighting so hard. I think the votrient made things worse. I heard of Dr.bernaski angioplasty dr.bernaski angioplasty. Has anyone tried this treatment?? Please let us know we are desperate!!! Or anyother options? We send our prayers to all cancer survivors, families, friends, doctors, and nurses. Can he has a lung transplant for sarcomas. His tumor is 10 cm and he has 3 others. He is at his max for radiation. I will take any advice? Please we are desperate.


Did he ever get ifosfamide? Lung transplant is not an option for sure :-(

Have you tried different cancer centers for second opinions?


I am sorry your having to deal with all of this. I have lived your story. Lung transplant is not an option for cancer patients. Have you tried a high dose of Idosfarmide? Have you contacted Dr. Chawla in Santa Monica? I am praying for you all.



I just wanted to say..Im thinking of you both in this very tough time.

I have no advice that you will want to hear as my husband at this stage chose the hospice. From our point of view as terribly sad as it was it was and is, we had quality time for the first time really through this treatment and much longer that we expected. We talked and talked and said everything we needed..it was like at the beginning of our relationship and we were 'in love all over again' .The hospice have us space to rest and just be together. You are who you are and this will be reflected in the choices you have made all through your life and the end will be the same. Gray wasn't a boxer..but he was highly competitive and gave it his best shot. Essentially he was an information technology man who weighed up the best options for quality of life over quantity and we truly had it those last few months.

I am so sorry for what you are going through and I hope you find some acceptable options Kat


I am sorry that you are having to go through this. Evan is a fighter for sure, like my daughter. I say keep fighting and praying for a miracle. The only angioplasty I have heard of is the balloon type they use to widen narrowed arteries. Please let me know if you learn of this being of any benefit for Sarcomas. My daughter is on votrient also and it’s not stopping the growth of the large, over 4 inch wide tumor in her lung. I have always said I don’t desire to be rich, but now I wish I had enough money to take her to a sarcoma specialist. Will be hoping and praying for Evan and family.


I'm sending positive thoughts to you both.


last week i have completed 2nd cycle of high dose ifosfamide under Dr. Sant Chawla of Santa Monica. Today my CT scan shows reduction in size from 8x5cm to 4x2cm. i have mailed my reports to Dr and i am waiting for his response.


I am so sorry and know this story all too well. While sarcoma took his life, treatments and side effects are what killed him, and we stopped to have the best quality of life at the end. To keep fitting however, are there any clinical trials that your husband might qualify for. Not sure where you are geographically, but I know that here in Seattle, there are some sarcoma specific trials, one of which my husband was patient 1 on. While it didn’t help him, my hope is that there were learning a that will benefit someone else like your husband.

My thoughts and prayers are with you and your family as this is an awful road to be going down. No one should ever have to do so.