Vorinostat with gemcitabine and docetaxel


Has anyone tried this and if so how was it? Any side effects? Thanks for any help.


Is Joe being offered this trial?


Vorinostat is an HDAC inhibitor and there are many studies that suggest the use of HDAC inhibitors for synovial sarcoma, even a patent exists. For some reason, all past clinical trials looking at HDAC inhibitors (as a single drug) for sarcoma were closed prematurely, with no conclusion. I've heard reasons like "not enough patient accrual", "manufacturing company closing". One friend tried to get onto one of the trials but his oncologist said it doesn't work. Very strange.


yes, votrient was causing him to have pneumothoraxes. He was on it 14 months, per his dr that was then longest his patients has been on it. Hopefully he will respond to this as well.


Good luck! Keep us posted about his progress!


How is Vorinostat working?


the first cycle did not go so well. It totally wiped Joe's platelets and wbc to critical levels ended up in the hospital for 4 days.


keep strong and i wish strength for your family!