View's appreciated!


This is more a cry for help than a discussion. I have recently joined and want some input as this is all very new to me. To save me typing my whole story out again I would be really grateful if you could add me and give me any advice or thoughts on how to procede with my referal. Do I contact other specialists for advice? How do you tell a Dr that you disagree with what theye are saying and on what grounds can you argue with a specialist!!! Its my scan’s I am not happy with, I know I can’t have 3 monthly Ct Scan’s because of the high risk with my history and I accept that, as long as I get an MRI at least I am fine,but I don’t agree that they only need to scan my abdomin around my surgery site and not do a broader scan. Am I wrong here?


They should scan your chest also to check for metastasis. Usually they do CT scans of the chest and not MRI though. I think it can be done though according to this site:


But I am not sure if it is good enough to find lung nodules...

Your case is so particular and unique, it's probably difficult even for a specialist to advise the best course of action.

IT would be great if you could get a second opinion from another specialist. I think the most well-known specialist in UK is Prof. Judson.