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Update on my situation and a question about medicinal marijuana use

Hi everyone

I finished my treatment recently and everything appears to have gone very well. I fact, some of my very tiny “lung nodules” have been completely destroyed by the chemo and they cavitated and dropped out of my lung which left a tiny hole each time causing my lung to collapse twice! Extremely painful experience but I’m kinda happy it happened because it means any cancer cells that were In me have took a beating these past 5 months. I have another scan soon just to see if any are left at all but the ‘spots’ I was shown to start with are only a 2 or 3 millimeters each and are too small to biopsy so my oncologist isn’t fully convinced that all of them are malignant and could be scar tissue from a nasty chest infection I had around the time of my first scan. My oncologist is very pleased with how my treatment has gone and that’s a huge confidence boost for all of us. The 6 high dose cycles of doxorubicin and ifosfamide I have endured has been the hardest thing I’ve ever had to do and ever will have to do but I’m proud I did it and have got good results.

My question for you is about the use of medicinal Marijuana whilst having sarcoma. Does anyone know what effect occasional marijuana smoking would have on let’s say ‘a lung nodule’ if I were to develop any more in the future (Which hopefully will not be the case) would the smoke itself make it any worse as it came into contact? Or is this disease just not fuelled by smoking at all? This is a question a few people have out to me and I’d like to know if anyone on here could enlighten or just share any opinions, all are welcome :slight_smile:


There is no evidence either way. There hasn't been any study looking at the effect of smoking marijuana on synovial sarcoma. Use at your own risk...

Having stage 4 Synovial Sarcoma in both lungs with 15 tumors. I was smoking during 6 cycles of Doxorubicin with no ill effects. I think it helped me not get sick. Do it at your own risk.

By no ill effects do you mean there was no disease progression? I hope your treatment was a success.

I have asked this question out of curiosity because of peoples belief that marijuana can Kill cancer cells so was considering giving it a try along with other forms of alternative medicine in the future. I have also been told that smoking has no effect on sarcoma and wanted to see if anyone on here knew for sure.

Inhaling smoke can damage your lungs, and considering your situation I wouldn't risk it.

I'd recommend purchasing a vaporizer, or else getting edibles (butter, cookies, tincture, etc).

For portable vaporizers, the Pax Vaporizer is great, but it's also expensive. The cheaper alternative is the magic flight.

For stationary vaporizers, the Volcano is by far the best. Also super expensive. You can get "Da Buddha" for a third of the price.

I used tincture and cookies while I was in the hospital receiving ifosfomide and doxorubicin. It helped with nausea and improved my appetite. It also helped the days go by...

What I meant was, I did not get sick (shits or throwing-up) when smoking grass. Paid $110.00 and tried a vaporizer and it sucked. Should have just used the money as rolling papers. The Chemo treatment slowed down the growth with 11 tumors. I now have some tumors that doubled in size and also the number increased to 15 tumors. Being 54 years old and only having only 3 months before the spreading of the Synovial Sarcoma to both lungs is a very bad sign for me. The OS (overall survial) at a median follow-up of 56 months, OS at 1 yr was numerically a little greater with doxorubicin/ifosfamide (60% vs 51%) but the difference was not statistically significant (hazard ratio [HR] = 0.83; P = .076). Median OS was 14.3 months with the combination and 12.8 months with doxorubicin alone - See more at: I will be beginning Ifosfomide 16 June 2014. I would have died if they combined Doxorubcin and Ifosfomide in my body, I was just too old for this. I will be at 15 months next month when it became Stage 4 in my lungs. The average as stated above is 12.8 months using a single agent, I just happy to still be alive today.

Using a vaporizer takes a little getting used to. I hated it at first, too. A lot of that can be the device, though. Some aren't great. The pax is really nice, although I'm told it requires lots of cleaning. When I was in Amsterdam last year, I tried the volcano, though, and it was really really nice.