My husband has arrived at this stage. Does anyon know of any trials going on for SS w/lung mets? Votrient is no longer working. Onco suggested either GemTax or Iribulin. A word on either of those is helpful as well. Tough times. Thanks in advance.


I was on a clinical trial for a exactly 1 year (4/7/15–4/7/16) which was TRC105 from tracon pharmaceutical together with votrient and got kicked off beacuse of lung nodules and lessions growth. I just sighned my GemTax trial papers Tuesday and have read into it a lil and sounds promising not to mention my Dr. And i thinks its the best way to go considering that there is no conventional chemo that really works for sarcoma! Hope and wishing you all the best and sending prayers and guidance yalls way… Blessings!!


I am sorry to hear about Votrient. I was on Gem/Tax (not a trial, though, so maybe this is something different?) for lung mets and completed 6 rounds, but my nodules grew and multiplied. I had surgery to remove the nodules, as they were in resectable spots--both lungs. I am looking into a trial of whole lung radiation (low dose) for 10 treatments. There is information on clinicaltrials.gov. My oncologist is also thinking about putting me on Temador. Is Trabectadin an option?

Prayers to you and your family and wishing the best.


Probably the first trial he should check out if he hasn't done so yet, is the Adaptimmune trial:


The early results from this trial are promising but unfortunately many people are not eligible because of the HLA criteria.

Next, you may want to check the following list of discussions which are listing a lot of trials:


You can also do your own search on clinicaltrials.gov. I recommend you click on "Advanced Search" to enhance the search experience. You can either search for "synovial sarcoma", "soft tissue sarcoma" or "solid tumor". The website is not always up to date so if you find a trial that sounds interesting, you should contact the people listed at the bottom of the trial page to find out if it is really recruiting or not...