Treatment after Responding Synovial Sarcoma Diesease


I was diagnosed with Sarcoma in Rt thigh, which was removed surgically and treatment followed by Image Guided Radiation Therapy. It recurred within few months with metastasis to both lungs. Rt thigh was operated again and Six cycles of chemo with Ifosfamide & Adriacin was followed. CT after IInd chemo showed reduction in size of Lesions and after fourth chemo showed stable disease.

Now Doctors have exhausted almost all options and treatment will only be monitoring lesions after every three months. Thoracic surgery is ruled out as lesions are small and multiple in numbers.

I will be thankful if anybody having any knowledge or experience of chemo responding Synovial Sarcoma Grade IV can share the same with me.


About surgery, sometimes laser surgery can be an option when conventional surgery is not, particularly if there is a lot of tumors. Unfortunately it is only done in Germany by Dr Rolle. Here is Andrew's experience with it:


I have the e-mail address of his mom, if you would be interested in communicating with her...

Otherwise, high dose ifosfamide is usually more efficient than the combo infosfamide+Adriamycin.


Thanks, I would like to consider all options available and you can provide me email address. My Oncologist is considering the option of giving high precision radiation to tumors but nothing is finalised.