Trabectedin - Yondelis side effects?


Update: We finished the high dose ifos the end of March. Mixed results two of the larger tumors grew, one stayed the same and some of the tiny ones you can no longer see. He did ok on treatment till the sixth round when he ended up in the hospital with a fever, had to get three units of blood (1st time).

After six weeks with no treatment all the big tumors ended up growing again. We thought about radiation but needed to get another treatment started since they were growing again. He started the Yondelis clinical trial here in San Antonio three weeks ago.

He went in for his second treatment on Wednesday but his white blood cell count was to low so we had to wait until today to try again. WBC count was good today so he got hooked up. About two or three hours after he is getting upper chest pains. Maybe heartburn? Just wondering if anyone else on yondelis has had that side effect?


How are the chest pains now, Adriana? I hope they are gone. Please keep us posted about the treatments. We are rooting for your husband!


Chest pains are down - we figured out some of it was how he was sleeping. Just got results from the CT scan after the first two treatments of Yondelis. Not sure if they will continue him on the trail or not. He had one of the big tumors get smaller but all of the smaller spots grew. Not the news that we wanted to hear. Will see the Dr on Monday to see what he says.


I’m sorry the news wasn’t as good as you hoped, Adriana. Such a tough disease. Please keep us updated when you hear from the doctor.