The results of a phase 2 study of Tivozanib were just published:

The full article reports that 2 patients with synovial sarcoma has stable disease at 4 months with this drug. It does not say how many synovial sarcoma patients participated in the study in total but I am assuming it was only 2 because they listed histology types when there were 3 or more patients for each type.


is this something i should add to my list of possibilities? my doctor from ucla travels to europe for meetings and told me were expecting a new drug next year. i wonder if this is it? i think if we could create treatments where patients didn’t lose their hair, cancer would be about 50% easier.


My guess is your oncologist was talking about olaratumab because it was just granted accelerated approval by FDA. Regorafenib is another drug that looks interesting for synovial sarcoma. All these drugs are supposed to shoot at similar targets as votrient. Nexavar does too by the way. In the tivozanib trial, some patients had used votrient prior to starting the trial and still got a response.