Thanks everyone for your kind words


Thanks for your kind words. George goes in on Wednesday for Biopsie get results 5 to 10 days after , we Will see Southampton general for those . If it’s good news for the results I can’t see why they can’t tell us over the phone. Maybe they know already it’s back, or am I over analysing everything. George is ok in himself, he wa very tired this morning he fell asleep on the sofa before school so I let him stay home, i suspect it’s because he is not sleeping at night due to worrying . I know me and his dad aren’t sleeping. Fins it strange that he had amputation sept 2012 and have never done an MRI on his leg afterwards, only chest X-rays , which makes me wonder how long he has these anomalies in his leg .


Hang in there, Popey! We're all hoping for good results.


Don't they make more money if they give you the results in person? That could be another reason not to give you the results over the phone... Anyway, they can't know for sure what it is until they do a biopsy. So no need to jump to conclusions. I found the best way to fight anxiety is to get busy doing activities that take all your attention.

I also had an amputation. They did only one leg MRI shortly after but never repeated it again. They did do whole body PET scans every time I had to get a lung surgery. Is George using a prosthetic leg?

Good luck and keep us posted!