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Epizyme just announced that it intends to initiate a phase 1 trial of EZH2 inhibitor tazemetostat for synovial sarcoma:


It looks like the clinical trial will be in Europe and Australia:


Apparently EZH2 high expression is associated with poor prognosis in synovial sarcoma:


The trial may be particularly interesting for patients who have the most aggressive form of the disease...

Clinical trials for genomic

A phase 2 trial for tazemetostat is coming:



Here are the information about the phase 1 trial:



I enrolled.. start date 29 of february..


That's great news! I hope it works!

Kaiowas said:

I enrolled.. start date 29 of february..


An in-vitro and animal study of EZH2 inhibition in synovial sarcoma:


Epizyme finished enrolling all synovial sarcoma patients in its phase 2 trial of Tazemetostat but decided not to investigate further this drug as a monotherapy due to disappointing results:


The results of Tazemetostat phase 2 trial will be presented at ASCO in June:
Best response was stable disease longer than 16 weeks observed in 5 patients.