Synovial Sarcoma with Liver Mets



My dad was diagnosed with Synovial Sarcoma in his thigh and had the primary tumor removed by surgery. His PET scan showed lung and liver mets and we started ifo/adriyamycin chemo theraphy 3 months ago. Post the chemo his mets have grown in size maringally. Now the option is to start 2nd line chemo of docetaxel or leave it alone. Since we are based in India, we wanted to get opinions from US as to what the best course of action is and whether new drugs like pazopanib and yondelis have been used and effective. Dad is 65 years old.




Some people are on pazopanib on this board but they use the other name: votrient. Check the discussion about it.

I know Charbonnel who is located in France was given docetaxel (taxotere) + gemzar and was stable for may be 6 months. Now he just started yondelis. But he doesn't have liver mets.

By the way, usually high dose ifosfamide works better than the combo ifosfamide/adryamycin.

Is there any possibility of sequential resection? Are RFA or cryosurgery used in India?