Synovial sarcoma of lung


wat is the doze of

ifosphamide and ducrubbin in first cycle and 2nd cycle upto six cycle of chemo our doctor gives us 100mg andriamycin and 7gm duccurubbin in first chemo


Adriamycin and doxorubicin are the same drugs. I think you mean 7 gm of ifosfamide and 100gm of doxorubicin?

The conventional doses are probably the one mentioned here:


It says: "Doxorubicin was typically given at 75 mg/m2/cycle as divided doses i.v. bolus over 3 days and ifosfamide was given as a dose of 6–9 g/m2/cycle, in divided doses over 3 days, usually over 3 h with mesna as a urothelial protectant."

My protocol was different and I recorded what I could read on the bags here:



I don't know my exact doses, but I know that I'm in the hospital five days.

Day 1-5 I have a constant drip of Mesna, to protect my bladder.

Days 1-3 I have a constant 24 hour drip of Doxorubicin.

Days 1-4 I have a three hour drip each day of Ifosfamide.

Before the cycle re-starts each day, I get a cocktail of preventative meds to fight nausea (steroid, Atavan, Emend, and Zofran). I also get Zofran every 8 hours to keep nausea away.

Then when I go home, I take an oral dose of Mesna and have Zofran at home in case I need it for nausea.