Sutent and Rapamune Combo


Any suggestions for dealing with side effects? I have really bad hand and feet sores. Some mouth sores. The worst thing is the stomache issues. Diareha and stomache pain.


Immodium and I used udderly smooth udder cream(u can buy @ cvs), gel pads in sneakers. also when sores got really bad in my mouth i wld take a break from meds, per dr. morgan. are they saying the meds are working?


For a mouth wash that you can mix at home, our oncologist recommends mixing teaspoon of salt and teaspoon of baking soda with about a cup of water. Rinse your mouth as often as you like if you start feeling sores. We also have a prescription from the doctor of a mouth wash that basically numbs your mouth…I can look it up if you like what it is. My husband only had to use the prescription version once.


Has anyone tried Milk of Magnesia to balance the pH of the mouth? Swishing with medicaments to balance the pH. Also take a look at using xylitol mints/gels/gum to balance the pH. If you vomit............don't brush right away, rinse. The brushing after vomiting can only add to the erosion of the enamel. Wait for your saliva to buffer the teeth(about one half hour) before brushing. There is a xylitol gel you could swish with. Google www.spry.com and you will find xylitol products. I pray that you all find peace in your journey.