Sutent and Afinitor Drugs for Treatment


Hello - does anyone have experience with afinitor or sutent as treatment drugs? Met with an onc today that mentioned both as options. Waiting on my gene testing results before deciding on what my next treatment will be. Feeling so anxious! Thank you!!


Here is a discussion about afinitor (everolimus):


Here is one about sutent:



Thank you Elodie, you're always so incredibly helpful! I appreciate you! I haven't tried either drug so an onc that is not a sarcoma specialist suggested I try them. I'm also curious as someone mentioned in the the thread if my tumors have grown 100% due to coming off the votrient. A part of me feels that had something to do with such the fast growth. I'm heading up to Memorial Sloan for there thoughts next week.

Also - I did the Foundation One gene testing on my tumor and only one mutation showed and no recommended medicines or trials were found. Upsetting but I'm not giving up hope that there is something out that that will buy me more time.

Hoping someone chimes in and provides some recent updates on either the sutent or afinitor.

Thank you and be well!