Hello everyone, just wanted to give you all an update on Adrian he just went through surgery and everything went better than expected, :) but as we all know even though the tumor is gone.. the anxiety stays, hoping it does not return. Staying positive!! :)


Thank you for updating us about Adrian, dreestrong. I am so glad everything went well. Yes, the anxiety stays, but push it away as much as possible and take every chance possible to get new happy experiences. Make every good day count.


That’s great news, I understand u will always be anxious but for now he is cancer free so enjoy this time nd I will say a prayer that it stays away. Wishing Adrian a speedy recovery xx


Congratulations and enjoy the time being cancer free!


Great news! Don't let the anxiety rule your life! It's time to enjoy :-)


that 's fantastic news !!!!!! I can only reiterate what the others have said..........validate each other every day in some small little way.......dont ruin today worrying about tomorrow , hard as it is.........its the present we must enjoy.!!!! :)


You guys are right! :) Thank you so much <3