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Hello Everyone,

My mother entered hospice the beginning of last month, because she came to terms that all the treatment that was available to her(she is also diabetic, so she was limited to some treatments) stopped working and did not want anymore needles,etc. She has declined relatively fast this past week. I see her weaker everyday and it kills me to know that she will be gone soon. I know she’ll be in a better place, because she won’t be in pain anymore, however I still need her to guidance. I tell her that she shouldn’t worry to let go, she did everything she could to fight this disease. I thank God for giving me four more years, to take in her love and study every single facial expression, so when I can become a mother I can give a very detail visual about their grandmother.

I am very sad to hear that you and our mom have had to go through this.
I just said goodbye to wife, at age 33.
It’s like you said the pain will soon be over, and she can rest easy.
Nobody should have to live this way.
Just cherish every last moment together.
Do voice recordings.
Take photos.
And remember she will always be with you!
You are not in this alone.
Gob Bless you both!!

Find strength to be supportive to her.
Take good care of yourself also.
Cherish the time you have.

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Thinking of you Bleu363. We are here for you, your mother is so fortunate to have such a loving daughter.

Seenie, Meli and TJ