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After a successful surgery in July of 2012 and went threw radiation my scan in April showed a spot in my lung while it wasent as aggressive as my tumor in my leg it was growing I had lung surgery on my left lung they caught it early and were able to get Clean margins, the problem is I have A small spot on my right lung that they are watching it is not big enough to take out but is new. I am having a scan on July 1st and I’m not sure what they will recommend. I have not wanted to do chemo but they may recommend it as an option. I have changed my diet and do everything to keep my body at an alkaline state. Has anyone been successful without chemo?


My husband also has lung mets and went to see an "alternative medicine" doctor at Sloan Kettering here in NYC. She cautioned him against following any diet that would change the alkalinity of his body. I don't remember all the details, but I will be happy to find out more information from him when he's home later. We were juicing....and following a lot of dietary changes that we had read about through others (or online) and this particular doctor called them all "fads". In particular, she said "juicing" causes spikes in sugar and cancer loves sugar! You have to follow your head and your heart, and do what feels right for you....but again, if you'd like me to find out more details, I will be happy to.


Back in '91, I had a very successful operation (clear margins with no amputation) on my right thigh which was my initial diagnosis. I refused chemo, fearing it because of the horror stories I had heard and I was scared; but I did have the radiation. In 1994 I had a metastases to both lungs and the mediastinum area. They went thru the center of my chest to get to both lungs and the mediastinum. I have always believed I would have had a longer remission if I had the chemo. So, consequently, even today I still wonder if I had the chemo would I have had the metastases which have been around 9. If I could go back and do it over, I would have had the chemo. You already have them in the lungs and it's been my experience that they will continue to appear there over and over. At least the chemo will kill the cells that the scans are not showing. It's a decision you'll have to make and be comfortable with.


Keep doing what you are doing and DON't have the chemo or you will go down quickly. My son had it in his lungs and mediastinum and had it removed but Sloan tricked him into an experimental treatment that was not suppose to have chemo but it did. I believe that he would have lived longer and had a much better quality of life if he had not had this treatment. Chemo does not work on this cancer. It is in all the medical literature. Go to Mexico they have Laetrile and DMSO, have Hyperbaric treatments cancer hates oxyygen and diet. . Contact Gerson in SD or Dr. Alvarez,, Ph, 011-52-6646-343444 God bless you on your journey.

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I asked my husband to elaborate on the acid/alkalinity thing. He said the alternative medicine doctor explained that the body needs some acid to help the body absorb nutrients. An alkaline body will not absorb nutrients effectively. I don't know much about it...and I believe that treatment choices are very personal decisions. I am neither advocating nor discouraging you either way....I just believe information is always helpful. Best of luck....Jeanne


From what I know about this chemo, It may not kill the tumours but it has shown to be effective in reducing the size of them if there are are many and inoperable. This was my husbands case and it bought us extra months which were precious.Yes very hard going through chemo again. Sad. But we had a window at the end of it which was a holiday together and Christmas and some so important and quality family times. It may kill off microscopic clusters that are not yet visable. Every best with your decision making..KAT


Thank you to all for sharing your experiences.


Hi, I have a co worker who passed on the chemo and was clear for about 3 years.I haven't see her in a few years so I'm not sure how she is doing.Also I must add she had no spreading of the cancer to the lungs which is a big difference between your cases.If you do consider the chemo you should check out this interview on youtube with Dr. Fritz Elber.He was my surgeon and gleams they can now test if your tumor will respond to chemo.