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Personally, I on;y donate money for sarcoma research and most of it more specifically for synovial sarcoma research, either through the Sarcoma Foundation of America, the Liddy Shriver Sarcoma Initiative or the Paul Nabil Bustany Fund for Synovial Sarcoma Research. There are several reasons for that:

- I do not believe on the one treatment shoots all cancer. I don't believe a cure for breast cancer for example will be a cure for synovial sarcoma

- Only a few researchers work on synovial sarcoma although synovial sarcoma is much easier to study than breast cancer or other common types of cancer since the genetic mutation that triggers synovial sarcoma is already known.

- People who don't know about synovial sarcoma are not going to donate for it, obviously. Few people know about it and those few people, including me, have the responsibility to support synovial sarcoma research if we want a cure to ever be found.