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SS on Left Lower Lung

Hello to All,

Glad to be apart of the Survivor Network. I had surgery 12/19/2012 to remove my left lower lung that had a SS at 4 mil. Very scary and couldn't understand why I had lung cancer when I didn't smoke.

It was tough healing because you have several emotions along with feeling alone even though I had lots of family member and my husband was great. As far as pain I'm pretty tough but it was the emotional side that was tough.

I still have a cough and I've been to every DR. and no one can tell my why. Not lungs, not GERD and not sinuses. Can't lye on my left side without coughing. Has anyone with a SS on the lung experienced this problem.

Next scan 10/7 and I always get anxious.

Thanks Georgia

Make sure to ask a copy of the scan report. I found in the past that my oncologist usually forgets to mention details that have nothing to do with my SS, like a hiatal hernia or osteopenia. Most common causes of persistent cough are postnasal drip, asthma, gastroesophageal reflux disease, chronic bronchitis; bronchiectasis, and treatment with ACE inhibitor according to this website:

That's why I am thinking about hiatal hernia. Although in my case, it doesn't cause any symptoms, I think coughing can be one of the symptoms. I think my surgery may have weakened my diaphragm and caused the hiatal hernia but this is just a guess...

Hi Georgia, I had the same surgery you did. Occasionally I have a cough. It’s common for SS patients with disease in the lungs to have fluid in the lungs (even very small amounts). That can make you cough.

Hi Georgia,

Even though my SS was not on my lungs, but on my scapula, I did too experience coughing and back pain after surgery. I told my doctor about it and was later diagnosed with pulmonary fibrosis, because of the number of radiatons I underwent, and some scar tissue that resulted from my surgery. He, then send me to pulmonary rehab, where they taught how to properly breathe again, plus, of course, some pills. I still cough sometimes and my back still hurts a little, but it's way better.

Best wishes,


Hi George1, I had a left upper lobectomy in May of 2016, in August I broke a weak rib while walking. I have a cough that seems to vary in intensity from day to day. Over a year after breaking my rib, it is still broken and dislocated. The pain is sever and some days debilitating but the cough makes it worse. None of my doctors have been able to answer my I still have the cough. I will keep you in my thoughts and I hope you get answers soon.