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SS in the adrenal glands?


I had a matastis in Aug, in my lung and had a lungectomy. I happened to go to the emergency room the other day for a chest xray do to coughing. Nothing, but they found that one of my blood levels were high, so they did a cat-scan to make sure I had no blood clots. I did not. But they found that I had two nodules 1 in my right adrenal gland less than 1 cm, and one in my left adrenal gland 2.3 cm x 1.1 cm.

My primary was neck. Has anyone had SS spread to their adrenal glands???

Thank you,

Jodie N

When searching on pubmed, I could find one case of primary synovial sarcoma in the adrenal glands but no case of synovial sarcoma metastatic to the adrenal glands. Is your medical team going to investigate further? Do they think the abnormal blood vessels and coughing are related to the nodules in the adrenal glands?

Dear Elodie,

Thank you for the info. Yes my team is, They are off today but they will see the scans and the blood work tomorrow and decide what to do from there. I am very scared however.

Thanks so much for checking it out for me.


Thinking of you x

Jodie sorry to hear of your troubles. I have not heard of this. But my daughter SS started in her lung and they also found by accident looking for thyroid cancer recurrance. she has had nothing but coughing since her surgery. she coughs so hard she almost breaks ribs. she is on inhalers and steroids. she hates the steroids but hates the coughing more. I will check with her to see if she has heard of this spreading and update here. I wish you the best!! hang in there.

Joan's mom