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Son just diagnosed with stage 4 met lungs - Looking for help/information/support


Hi, Not sure where to turn to and what to think .... so crushed and totally in shock. Our whole family is... Our son is 31, father of 3, diagnosed with synovial sarcoma last year (June 2014) which ended with the amputation of his foot. Was told that no further treatment was needed as all the cancer was removed.

Xrays and follow ups every 3 months were all good until the one the October where it showed spots on the xrays. A ct scan confirmed that the cancer has returned, metastasized senovial sarcoma, multiple nodules throughout both lungs, stage 4.

Dr says not operable , too many and too deep, offers that the only option is doing Doxorubicin chemo to hopefully shrink tumors/stop rapid growth and give him maybe up to a year of life............ They want to start chemo immediately.

He lives in Alberta, only one Dr is available and somewhat knowledgeable in sarcoma cancer and we feel that there is no where else to go for a second opinion or even to know if there is other options? Canada is not very advanced in this area obviously....

This is devastating news and we want to believe that there has to be more hope for him to fight this ugly disease! If anyone has any information for us or anywhere we can call please let me know and I will be forever grateful. If what they are saying if the reality of this cancer then please be honest as I need to know the facts to be able to deal with what is ahead of us. My son is a fighter and has always had a positive outlook in life. He wants to fight this and beat it and I want him to have the best care he can have. I want to educate my self as much as I can so we can fight this together!

Thank you, much appreciated

A mother fighting with and for her son....


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