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Soft tissue mass on left palm, examination shows tumor compatible with synovial sarcoma

Hi sisters and brothers,

i am writing this on behalf of my friend who does not speak english. she had soft tissue masses removed in march - rather big, measruing 3.5x1.5x0.5cm for the bigger one and the smaller one is about half the size - on her left hand palm. since the initial diagnosis indicated that was benign so the excision was performed under a "benign tumor protocol".

the tissue masses were then taken for examination and confirmed to be malignant. 1st and 2nd opinion suggested the best option amputation of left hand up from the wrist. reason being that, further operation and chemotherapy would anyway render the hand disabled, and it does not secure a very comfortable chance of preventing it from spreading to other parts of the body. surgeons advised that she must decide in a week or maximum 2 from now.

she is a rather young single working mother, supporting her family. losing a hand is devastating for her. could anyone provide some suggestion? here in hong kong, life is can be very tough if you lose working ability.

is there a way to delay the decision so we can search for and try possible alternative therapies?

is there any new method, alternative medical strategy, she can consider, other than amputation of hand?

i would very much appreciate it if you can provide some useful info or experience.

I had the same issue. Amputation isn’t the most ideal outcome, but its the only way you can go about it. If she keeps her hand, the tumor may spread which would result in a more extensive amputation and/or could spread to the abdomen which would be bad. I was left handed and had to learn to do things right handed but eventually got a bionic hand to help out. If given the choice again, I would still amputate.

Hi my son aged 11 had synovial in his foot, could not get it all out and it would have rendered his foot useless . So he had a lower leg amputation, he is now 20 months in remission. I would still take his choice as synovial is particularly nasty and mostly goes to the lungs. I wanted to give my son a better chance of survival .

I am sorry for your friend, but like those who have responded it is so key to get it all out for her future survival. Preventing spread is the most important thing. If the doctor's are recommending amputation that it means they don't think they can remove it all. I know based on past experience they may also be concerned that the previous surgery may have spread something since they thought it was benign when they did the excision - so again, removal of all is so important. She needs to survive to care for her family. My heart goes out to your friend, please pass on that we are here and we care, sending her love & strength.

Thank you very much to Diana, Popey and BB for your kind responses. my friend wanted to take 2 weeks time to test the effectiveness of TCM. since the excision was not done "technically proper" there was contamination to neighbouring tissue. would probably try the herbal combo prescribed by the TCM practitioner for a period of 2 weeks. then go back to hospital to get a MRI on the palm, then decide next step.