Second Opinion


I recently had surgery to remove the tumor in my leg. The path results were good, and margins were clear. I went thru radiation in February, and after surgery I was told I was cancer free. I saw my medical oncologist today and he wants me to go to MD Anderson in Houston for a second opinion if I should have chemo or not. So far the consensus has been no, but all of the sudden today it’s now a possibility. It would be preventative at this point. So now I don’t know what to do. Any suggestions or input would be greatly appreciated!



MD Anderson is considered one of the best sarcoma center if not the best. If you don't get a second opinion from them now, will you regret it later if the disease comes back? It does require you to get out of your comfort zone but this is about doing the maximum for your life so it may be well worth it...


i only did radiation after the surgery to remove tumor in my elbow. doctor said tumor<5cm no need chemo.

but after 1 year tumor metastasize to lung. i think more treatment would be safer...


Get the second opinion.

I did radiation and chemo after my surgery, as a preventative measure. It sucked, but I'm glad I did it. If my tumor had reappeared in the last year, I wouldn't be able to forgive myself.


My husband didn’t have radiation or chemo after his arm was amputated with clear margins and a very very low chance of recurrence . It’s a decision I regret now as it came back sux months later despite NED…


I say throw the kitchen sink at it! Do everything you can and be as aggressive as possible! Don't give it a chance to come back! Are you far from Houston Meredith?


I’m not to far from Houston… I live in Ft Worth, so it’s a couple hours away. I had all three of my oncologists say I didn’t need chemo, and then all of the sudden my medical oncologist is now wanting this second opinion. I really value all of your opinions on this matter. You or a loved one have gone thru what I am going thru. Not many others know exactly how this feels… So thank you so much for the input!


Well, a second opinion can't hurt, right? It is very scary to think that you may need it but a recurrence is worse. I was told I wouldn't need radiation and then I went and saw the sarcoma specialist and I was told that I did need it even though it was low grade. I am starting my second week of radiation now... it is hard but keep that chin up girlie! I have to say I am surprised that they waited so long to suggest it.


I did my radiation in January. 25 rounds. It only killed part of the cancer, but they got the rest with surgery. I really thought chemo was off the table. I’m kinda freaked out. But I agree… A second opinion can’t hurt


Will you let me know what they say? I'm in Houston if you need anything!


I had my tumor removed at MD Anderson because everyone else wanted to take my leg off! They have been super in every way and have listened to me as well as providing their opinion. I have had some really small mets in my lungs and have had four rounds of chemo, then have had 2 months off because I felt so awful and was so weak I was having trouble recovering from the surgery to my leg..my tumor was 10 cm and wrapped around my femur, so I have considerable swelling, seroma issues and I'm missing about half my quad muscles. The oncologist I see, Dr. Araujo really listened to me about how I felt. I go back in 2 weeks and if everything is stable, I will not have more chemo with follow up in 3 months. It's worth it to talk with them, especially if you are close.


Hi! Your story sounds a lot like how mine started.... I have been reading your posts and am so happy that it seems you have gotten all the cancer but I agree with everyone here that you should have a second opinion. Rather be safe than sorry and you are so blessed to have been diagnosed before mets. Good Luck. I will be following your story and rooting for ya!


HI, I will say that I had synocial sarcoma in 2005 in 2006 after chemo radaiation and surgery a bit more chemo I am still cancer free in 2013 so there is something said for preventative chemo.

I never wanted to look back and say I wish I could have done things differently... if they say second opinion take it... It could give you piece of mind or they may have something better to say ... It may not be all of the sudden either they may have been fence sitting. After my amputation they found out my tumor was 70 % active so that is why I had the last few rounds of chemo... Like I said I did not want the I wish I did that...

Best of luck remember you are the one who has to live with the out come.


Mere, do whatever MD Anderson says to do. I DEFINITEKY would do chemo. All it takes is one rogue cell. Bless you and good luck1


Second opinion wouldn't hurt, good luck!