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Sarcoma spread to Pancreas

So, my boyfriend has synovial sarcoma in his hip and had the glueteus medius removed as well as some bone. He did chemo. It spread to his lungs…he did radiation. The latest tests showed that the hip tumor is liquefying but the lung nodes have increased. As if it couldn’t get any better it has now spread to his pancreas( size of a baseball). Waiting on hearing tomorrow about chemo. Has anyone else has it spread to the pancreas? We were told it was pancreatic cancer initially but now path report shows sarcoma. I guess it’s better than pancreatic cancer on top of all the other stuff.

He really wants to be unique, doesn't he? I never heard about mets to the pancreas before but apparently he is not the only one according to this article:

Sorry to hear about your boyfriend. I've no experience with mets in the pancreas, mine is in my lung. Is surgery an option?