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Rest In Peace My Loving Grandson


It’s hard to describe the loss of a Grandchild. I have experienced Loss. Grandparents, a Parent, A Brother, Aunts, Uncles But there is something about the Loss of such an Innocent, Loving, Compassionate Child that leaves an empty Space in the hearts of all the people he touched and even those who never knew him. My Beautiful Loving Caring Daughter fought a fierce battle with her son over the past 18 months until he was finally called to be with God In heaven on October 27th 2012. Everything Changes; nothing will ever be the same. If there is a loving merciful God how could he allow the loss of these innocent children who have never committed or knew how to commit any evil? I often wonder. I Love you Billy and I admire your courage, you have shown everyone a quality of spirit that enabled you to face pain without showing fear. You are truly a Hero, and now an angel.

Rest in Peace … My Loving Grandson

Love you Grandpa


I am so sorry for your loss. Your all in my thoughts and prayers. I never lost a child before so I cant begin to understand what your all going thru. I lost a sister to cancer and saw what my parents went thru. I lost my husband to sarcoma last month. I pray for comfort and peace. This road we are put on is a hard road to travel. God Bless you all and please know you are loved.



Thank you for letting us know about Billy. May you and your daughter find peace and keep Billy's spirit alive...