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Resources for the Newly Diagnosed


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1. A Guide to the Sarcoma Universe for Those who Have Just Arrived (and the friends & family that support those with cancer) http://bit.ly/81Q5WG

2. The Importance of Second Opinions for Sarcoma http://bit.ly/kxdRQ

3. The Importance of Treatment at a Specialty Center for Sarcomas http://bit.ly/5cIGRM

4. Psychological Adaptation, Coping, and Distress in Adult-Onset Soft Tissue Sarcomas http://bit.ly/a0MGz4 . Although this article deals with adult patients with soft tissue sarcomas, I believe it is extremely helpful for medical teams, patients and caregivers dealing with all types of sarcoma and ages.

There are also over 50 1-minute videos of doctors and nurses talking about a wide range of important issues related to sarcoma that you can view at http://bit.ly/3Km3gw