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Has anyone heard of the site www.23andme.com. We heard about them from another sarcoma sufferer today at the hospital and were wondering if anyone on this site had any information. Looks too good to be true but they are looking (apparently) for 1000 people to send in spittle samples to work on genetics in sarcoma and now have around 700 volunteers and are hoping to recruit 300 more.



Here is a link to their sarcoma information. They are still looking for sarcoma patients and survivors. I did it about a year ago. They send you a small kit, you put in your saliva, and send it back in a prepaid envelope. Everything is completely free! With any luck they might find a similarity between all of us...


I just checked that and they want $99. or maybe I am reading that wrongly... I will try you link again. I am confused by the 23 site and am not sure where to start!! I will get back to you if I am successful or need more help!! thanks jenls ....


I subscribed to the service. it was great, my only complaint is they make you pay a subscription fee. :(


I did it awhile back, it didnt cost anything and the information you could get off there site was really interested. It gives you all sorts of information including who you share your DNA with. I likes it that distance relatives included Gengis Khan and Marie Antionette. Also pretty cool that they are collating a library of DNA for sarcoma research.


I went back on the site and it was free for sarcoma sufferers and also for the testing kit and results of that - it is difficult to find the free information page, but worth looking for. After the spittoon testing they will let you have the results and all the further information is free as I understand it. I will keep everyone updated.


that is terrific Bristol Girl!


Because of this post, I also signed up for this service. It is free to me at this point. I also just received an email from the service indicating that they now have 800 members. If anyone hasn't done it, I can't really see any harm...


Just keeping people posted on how easy this has been for me. I received the package for DNA collection yesterday. I registered the package, provided my sample, and packaged it in the pre-addressed/paid package to ship out. They indicate it takes 4-6 weeks for any results.

I'm hopeful that this could help research in some little way.

Keep your chin up everyone, we can beat this!


Here is an interesting article about the limits of DNA sequencing for predicting diseases (to keep in mind if you get a scary result) and it also discusses how DNA sequencing may help:


Note that in the comment section, somebody asked a relevant question about epigenetic influence...


FYI, I got my results in the other day; much sooner than anticipated. I've only scratched the surface of it, but there seems to be a lot of information there. One thing I did find odd, it reports I have lower odds of developing sarcoma. It broke it down that I'm lower risk of developing Ewing's Sarcoma, but it makes no mention of Synovial Sarcoma...