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Referring Sarcoma patients your way!

Because it is Sarcoma Awareness month, Elodie I have Ben trying to get the message of Bens friends out! Sharing on my page and as many Sarcoma pages as I can! I always give your name lol
You are comforting and a book of walking knowledge! Many prayers to all of my fellow Sarcoma friends! 6 months scans on August 6th! Pray for me if they’re all good I am again 5 years NED
Prayers to all! :pray::yellow_heart::pray:

Wow, that’s great! I think someone at Ben’s Friends has printable posters or leaflets (or something) that you can print, hand out, or leave at doctors’ offices.
I’ll see what I can find out for you if you are interested.
Seenie from Moderator Support.

Thanks Jodie! My fingers will be crossed on August 6th! Good luck!

Thanks Elodie,
I will make a post so you know! I am feeling great though plus vocal cord surgery worked! I am getting my voice back little by little. So nice for people to understand what I am saying. Also I have had 2 of 3 steroid shots in my back to help with neurological damage to shoulders left arm and neck from the neck radiation and that seems to be working too! I am feeling much better than I have in years! I have been treated in Colorado for support from my sister! After MD scans which I am looking at with a positive attitud, after 4 months I will be finally be going home to Fkorida! But it was certainly worth the 4 months being here! I hope you are well!

Hi Seenie,
I would love to hand out flyers etc. when I saw the video it shocked me that there were only 174 views this has been a godsend site for me over the years. And the month of July has shown me just how many people need help and support so however we could arrange to do that I would love to. I will be going to M.D. Anderson in Houston from August 6 through the 10th.