Recurrence of tumour


Hi All I have recently found a lump under the scar on my right arm where the tumour was removed 3 years ago, My question is if anyone has had a recurring tumour what has been the course of action have you just had it removed again or have you just gone for amputation?


It really depends on your particular situation. Have you shown the lump to your sarcoma specialist yet? It all comes down to whether a surgeon can remove the recurring tumor (if this is what it is) with clear margins...


I am having an MRI on my arm tomorrow I have already have had a PET scan and I go back to see my Doc on Friday of this week.


I had a recurrance in my thigh after 2 and a half years, had it removed 8 April this year! It heald very slow due to the radiation I had after my first surgery!


Keep us posted Deano. Good luck on Friday!


Well the PET scan came back fine so it hasn’t spread to any other part of my body although the MRI of my arm wasn’t so good so I have been referred back to my surgeon in Sydney just waiting on when that appointment will be.


I hope you don't have to wait for too long...


Thianking of you, Deano, and hoping everything comes out okay. Keep us posted.