Recurrence of sarcoma take 2

hi All,
Has anyone had an amputation done then found out the sarcoma has turned up somewhere else?
Any reply would be really helpful as I am so unsure what to do.
Thank You in advance

My lung metastases did appear a few years after my leg amputation. Amputation does not guarantee that metastases will not appear later :-( But it does guarantee it will not come back in the limb you are removing... Keep in mind that it is more difficult to attack the disease on several fronts. If you do get metastases eventually, it will be more difficult to handle them if you still have a tumor in your arm. Generally, in such case, surgeons do not want to operate and your options are limited.


My husband had his arm amputated with clean margins and had local recurrence in his right shoulder 9 months later unfortunately. Had a second surgery to remove second tumor following radiation. Now has lung metastasis. I hear from the doctors that it rarely spreads locally when clean margins are achieved but it does happen. How and why remains a mystery, though likely related to lymph nodes.