Radiotherapy to hand - would love some advice


Hi ladies and gents
Thanks for all the welcoming messages - I am so glad I found you all! I’ve got one session of radiotherapy to go ( 30 sessions) and my skin is sore, weepy and falling away. I know everyone’s different but how long roughly does it take to heal and the pain improve? Does anyone have any recommendations as regards helping to heal quicker? I’ve got two pre-schoolers so need to get it to heal as soon as possible.

Healthy happy vibes to you all



Were you given any cream for your skin? I was given a vitamin A + vitamin D ointment from Fougera which I was supposed to apply twice a day on the irradiated skin starting before there was any sign of burn. It worked pretty good. My skin became brown after 2 weeks but it was never painful, weepy or falling away.


Hi Katherine!

I did 34 sessions on my arm, the skin got really dark and felt away but after 2-3 months it gets better and after a year it's like new, I didn't feel any pain. Ask your doctor for a cream/pan reliver if you feel anything he is the best and the only one who can recommend it I used one that mine gave me. Don't worry about the apperance it will back normal after a while and we need scars to remind us to enjoy and be strong everyday,

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I had it on my foot, which I would guess is pretty close to the same affect as a hand. My foot turned red, weeped and oozed. The skin pretty much fell off. I also had alot of pain mainly towards the end. They gave me some silver sulfadine ( i think) to put on 3 times a day. The pain and other symptoms came on the last 2 weeks of radiation and the week after it had ended. It has been 2 years and I still have a "tan line" from radiation.