Radiofrequency Ablation


Hey, I am currently being considered for RFA for some of my lung Mets and I have read many positive reviews about this treatment.

Has anyone on here had it?

Also, I have been taking Axitinib for a week now with minimal to no side effects. Feeling quite optimistic as my oncologist has had someone on the trial with Synovial Sarcoma for two and a half years and they had a 40% reduction in tumour volume. I wonder why this trial is not being done in the U.S.?

Anyway, let me know your thoughts on the Radiofrequency Ablation treatment.




Many drugs get tested in Europe before getting tested in the US. For example yondelis was approved in Europe many years ago. It's still in clinical trials in the US. Votrient was also tested first in Europe. I guess it's either cheaper to test drugs in Europe or less of a hassle?

I am interested to find out if somebody has tried RFA successfully here...


Matt where are you doing this trial drug at?


I am being treated in Manchester, England


Is it hard for people from another country to get into?


I’m not sure, I think it is being done in a few countries in Europe but I’m pretty sure it’s used for kidney cancer in the US. The drug is called Axitinib and has shown good results against a few subtypes of soft tissue sarcomas. Probably best to discuss with your oncologist as I’m not sure if it’s an international trial.

Afraid I dont have much more info


There's a new paper on RFA for lung metastases. The results look rather good for small mets: