I had to undergo radiation on the right side of my face tas this was where the sarcoma had originated. Just to give some context, wa sdiagnosed in December 2011, underwent surgery and 4 cycles of chemotherapy. In surgery have lost teeth on the right side of my mouth, gums and bone, facial bone, and part of my palate. Radiation was to be 30 sessions spread over 6 weeks @ Hinduja hospital in Mumbai. The radiation for 1st two weeks was normal - no side effects. From 3rd week onwards, suddenly the mouth went dry, muscles contracted, and not just eating, but drinking also became a challenge. Doctors suggested I get a PEG installation done in my stomach for food consumption. I was on the tube for more than 6 weeks, as the effects lasted for more than a month after radiation ended. Today, I have resumed office, got an obturator for my teeth and palate, eat albeit with some difficulty, go for walks, and have started my journey towards all semblance of a normal life. My mouth and tongue will still take some time to come out of the effects of radiation. This hopefully has brought an end to my treatment and remission. Fingers crossed.


This is a lot to go through. Congratulations on completing treatment. You definitely deserve a medal for your courage. Nice to hear you're slowly getting back to a normal life. Good luck with the recovery!


Good luck and God Bless!!


My fingers are crossed for you and your loved ones. Thanks for sharing your story, and best of luck!