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Radiation & Fertility


Hello, I am starting radiation therapy next month to my inner left thigh. Fertility has been a concern of mine since the area on my leg goes up very high to the groin, doctors said that I may have some damage to the ovaries. Has anyone had any experience with this?


Sorry to read about your diagnosis.
Radiation techniques these days like IMRT are very much precision type and does zero to minimum harm to other areas. So don’t worry much about this…

How big is your tumor? What’s the treatment plan your doctor suggesting?


Thank you. They told me it could be minimal but I am considering doing fertility preservation. My treatment thus far was surgery in January. It was 12cm. Now followed by radiation.


Hope you’re in consultation with a sarcoma centre. This is a must for this diagnosis as most of the time multi disciplinary decisions are needed.

Did you do PET CT scan? Is there any metastasis? Is it confirmed synovial sarcoma?


Yes, I am at a high volume sarcoma hospital. Excellent team. It was confirmed after a biopsy and several scans. No metastasis. Surgery was good with clean margins thankfully. I will be getting more I formation later this week hopefully on the radiation plan and what the outcome looks likes as far as what the fields are and how powerful. But I do know it consist of 35 treatments.


That’s good. Take good care, keep us posted. My prayers for you.


Hey Nikita,
This is by no means my area of expertise but if you have concerns, freezing of eggs prior to treatment may also be an area for you to investigate, just to be on the safe side. I have had two friends, one male, one female take this route. There can be some fairly hefty fees involved but it is another option.

Merl from the Moderator Support Team