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Has anyone been on Propranolol to treat blood pressure while having synovial sarcoma?
This drug has been found to benefit angiosarcoma patients and there’s the question whether it could also work for other types of soft tissue sarcoma:

Trying to revive this topic started by our dear friend Elodie (may she rest in peace) as an alternative treatment that I am considering for my daughter. I just read the paper from Dr. Bryan and it was interesting:

"The data presented in this study revealed that incorporation of non-selective β-AR antagonism into standard treatment regimens increased PFS and OS from approximately 3 to 6 months and 24 to 33 months, respectively, relative to reported results from several key clinical studies that incorporated only chemotherapy, radiation, and/or surgery [3-8].

While propranolol led to efficacy when combined with other treatment modalities, we were very surprised to see that when used as a single agent propranolol resulted in sustained disease regression for a patient who declined chemotherapy,
radiation, and surgery. While this single instance in no way suggests that patients should opt for adrenergic antagonists in lieu of other established treatment options against metastatic angiosarcoma, this limited observation raises the question if these drugs could be used to extend survival in patients who decline standard treatment and opt for only supportive care."

Forgot to mention that the paper also says “Collectively, the clinical effectiveness of propranolol against angiosarcomas recently led to its Orphan Drug Designation by the European Medicines Agency (EMA) for use against soft tissue sarcomas.”