Potassium and Phos levels


Has anyone else had a problem with low potassium and phos leven while on chemo.

Joe is getting a heavy dose of ifos and and we can't get his potassium and phos levels in the normal range. He is up to 10 Phos-Nak supplements a day and he is still not in the normal range.


When I was on ifosfamide, I also had low potassium levels. They added potassium to my iv occasionally. Not every time, though.


Decreased levels of serum potassium or bicarbonate are typical with ifosfamide. In my experience, taking potassium and sodium bicarbonate pills didn't help much and was quite difficult as the potassium pills are huge and nausea gets on the way. The IV is more efficient. Typical IV added for me as needed were sodium bicarbonate 500ml rate 250ml/hr and Dextrose 5% + potassium acetate 40Meq.


thanks so much for sharing!


I also had very low potassium levels. I could always tell they were low before they even tested because my neck and abdominal muscles were sore. I too received potassium from the iv as well as the huge pills. I hope they can get it under control. They wouldn’t even let me leave the hospital with low levels of potassium. I remember sitting there watching the IV drip and praying it would work!