Post Something Positive Here Each Day


Please tell us at least one POSITIVE that happened to you this day. It can be any wonderful action or event, an inspiring thought that came across your mind, an exciting emotion, or a nice sight, smell or taste or feelings. ONLY POSITIVE, NO NEGATIVE.

Nothing is too trivial, feel free to add more positive as things happen.


This year has been a true blessing. I persevered thru the most challenging chemo regimen traveling 700 miles to receive my treatment for Ifex on a 14-day continuous cycle. I carried a 2 liter bag during this period which was very difficult, but God gave me the strength as I walked thru the airport being so fatigue I could barely lift my feet...too proud to request a wheel chair...thinking, I could do this. After 7 months, I was much relieved to have completed this regimen.

I'm now on Votrient. I wake up, take three pills and I'm good to go! What a blessing!!! The side effects are tough, but my spirit says, I can do this! My first scan results showed some shrinkage in November!! So, I'm hear to tell you to press on, keep living and enjoy the moment!!!

Have a very blessed Christmas and a Happy New Year!! We are survivors!!

Keep Hope Alive,



We just had an exceptional Christmas day here yesterday (down under time), just simple quality time with family! It was a very hot day and spent the day out side... water fights, swimming, flopping on deck eating/ drinking and brazier fire at end of day. We have left over tiramisu in fridge and I think I might need to have some for breakfast. Life is good.


This December my CT-Scans showed I was cancer free, that feeling is priceless. My wish for the New Year is that 2013 brings us a cure!!!


I went to dinner with my two best friends and their wives and my girlfriend last night. We've been friends for 15+ years and it was so good to get together and laugh.