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Possible SS?


Hi. I'm a 31 yr old female. In mid december I started having this pain in the back of my left knee. at first it was only when i'd tuck my feet under me on the couch.. then it was just anytime. I let it go thinking I was just getting arthritis. Then around May 25th I woke up with horrible pain in the front of that knee. Since then , I've been dealing daily with aches and deep pain in the knee. I noticed it started to look puffy at the top near the thigh ( where it hurt... even into thigh area). my leg hurts no matter what position it is in and mostly in the evenings and late night. My doctor checked for a bakers cyst and couldn't find one.. then he said the front was probably bursitis and sent me home with an RX anti inflammatory. a week later during the follow up he prescribed physical therapy and a steroid dosage pack and stronger anti inflammatory. The therapist couldn't find anything in the back at first... but she mashed really deep and I could tell when she hit it. she said it felt like a cyst so most likely bakers.. and that that caused me to walk funny ( it didn't) and cause the bursitis. You can't see the cyst and have to feel deep for it. I have an MRI set for Monday. other symptoms include extreme sleepiness for a month or two... and for the past few days very nauseous but that could be coming off the steroid pack. Okay... am I overreacting? Maybe they were right? I googled my symptoms and came across sarcoma. But my xray was clear.


The MRI should tell whether there is a tumor or not. It won't be able to tell whether it is sarcoma. That will require a biopsy. No need to get scared until you get definite answers. Try to relax for now...