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Please suggest best treatment in India for Synovial sarcoma


Please suggest best treatment in India for Synovial sarcoma


TMC Mumbai is good in India.

I recently joined, this might be a late answer for you.


Dr Manish Agarwal from hinduja hospital is very good doctor for Synovial sarcoma.


Thx for that info.
They say for sarcoma cases we need to see specialist doctors.
How is your sister now? I see that you sister had SS
Where was she treated
What grade tumor she had
How old is she


Hi Mito ,
Dr Manish Agarwal is one of the best doctor for sarcoma in india. He did limb salvage for my sister.He saved her right leg as most of the doctor in india were saying they need to amputate her leg even doctors from TMC.She had her surgery by doctor manish agarwal from hinduja hospital mumbai.

In March scan we found that she has multiple lung nodules in both lungs.She is currently on third cycle of chemotherapy and nodules are stable on this chemo.
We are taking Chemotherapy treatment in Ahmedabad gujrat as it near to home my hometown.
She is 24 year old.


That’s sad to hear about your sister. Hope after chemo she’s going to be alright.
Do you know how big her tumor was?
While treating her leg, wasn’t there nodules in her lungs? Did they do scan then? Or the nodules appeared after few months only?


Her tumor size was about 3-4 cm. She had two surgeries. First surgery was without the knowledge of sarcoma.Second Surgery was done to get remaining cancer cells and margin.
Her chest scan was clear during surgery. It appeared after surgery.


Wishing her good health. My prayers for her.


I think dr kapil kumar from blk delhi is best surgeon in india for sarcoma patient and lung surgery he has 26 years experience in rajeev gandhi cancer hospital new delhi and for chemo rajeev gandhi hospital is good