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Places of recommended treatment?

Hi friends. Im new to the group but not new to synovial sarcoma. I am researching for my next step in this process and would like some insight on hospitals and doctors you would recommend. I just underwent treatment for lung mets in both lungs after 4 years in remission (a primary in the groin) Now 4 months after treatment there are three new places to pop up. Two places surrounding liver and one in lung. I am maxed out of adriamycin and ifosfamide. Being on the east coast I am looking at sloan kettering hospital. Anyone have any experiences there? Or have a recommended place I could seek out?

Dr George Dimitri and his team at Dana Farber Cancer Institute in Boston, is the leading research and treatment facility for sarcoma cancers in the nation. They are developing the newest treatment options and clinical trials for synovial sarcoma. Plus, they really care for their patients and families of patients.

Here is an older discussion that may help you in your search:

You may want to look into cryosurgery and in particular Dr. Littrup. I know of 2 sarcoma patients who had their lung mets resected by him and cryosurgery is a common alternative to surgery for liver mets. It may be worth getting his opinion whether it is an option in your particular case... His contact info is here:

NIH in Maryland is another great place! My son had his primary in his lat muscle & had lung mets at 2 years & had a double thoracotomy at NIH last year in May & is doing very well. His doctor is Dr. Schrump.