At the 3 month mark now, it seems to be working for me so far. havnt had to many side effects appart from the white hair. a little nausea every now and then. hoping it keeps working


This is good news. Thanks for sharing :-)


I've been on this drug since Aug. 2012, so far so good. My biggest challenges are loss of appetite, taste, fatigue and diarrhea (sometimes). My dosage has been reduced twice, but it's still working. Glad to hear it's working for someone else as well!!



I have SS started in right thigh and continues to grow and spread to lungs. I had success with Doxyrubicn (AIM) and limited success with Doxil and Yondelis trial. Where are your tumors and have they changed?


Hi my tumors are in my left chest the diagnoses is left pleural ss. i had 6 rounds of doxo - ifos chemo that really shurnk them but after 12wks they had grown back to pre-chemo size the biggest 16cm-15cm had some radiation and now pazopanib i saw oncologist today just for a catch up and to get more pills i go back and have a scan in 6 wks to see whats going on as far as shrinkage goes.