Pain Relief for pinched nerve due to tumor


Hello SS Friends,

I have tumors in my right lung and one is pressing against my rib causing a sac of fluid between. I'm experiencing alot of pain because of a pinched nerve and also because it's bumping against my rib. I'm on fentanyl patches (50mg) and have an important visit to Memorial Sloan on Monday for a second opinion that I need to make. Any suggestions on relief (pain meds or other) that will help so I can make my trip. My oncs say that cyber-knife radiation will be the only thing to treat the tumor but that may ruin my eligibility to do a clinical trial at Memorial Sloan. Any thoughts on something that will help for a few days. Really need to make this trip to Sloan! I appreciate any and all feedback! Thank you!


Hi - my husband got nauseous on the fentanyl patches, so they put him on Butranas 30 mg total. He also takes oxycodone for breakthrough pain. He takes about 10 mg every 4 hours or so. He also has some nerve pain from pressing on the rib cage. And, he just got out of a lobe ectomy surgery 2.5 weeks ago. This combo seems to help. What trial are you applying for at Sloans?


If you can get it, I highly recommend medical marijuana. It is legal here, and it works wonders on my tumor pain in my arm that was otherwise excruciating. If you can't get medical marijuana, you should look into CBD (Cannabidiol) supplements, which is made from hemp oil, not psychoactive and completely legal anywhere in the U.S. http://www.projectcbd.org/ I bought some on amazon. CBD supplements are expensive, and medical marijuana isn't cheap either, but they are both well worth it.


Johnboy esq - it it the supplement drops you used from Amazon? How do you take then?


Thank you - I had a lower left lobectomy. The med marijuana would be great but it’s not legal just yet in FL. Going to the governors deal so hopefully it’s approved. The help oil is interesting, going to look into that. How expensive is it? Don’t have a trial in mind but hoping for an immunotherapy therapy because I’ve done high dose ifex and Adria/ifex and neither have worked for me. I will keep you posted on what they share. This is my 2nd reoccurrence. I also get nauseous because of the patches and take zofran which helps a bit. Doc prescribed Dillaudid yesterday and that’s helped some. Thanks for your help!


I’ve used the cbd dew drops by Dixie and a cbd gum. Prices vary. The drops I was doing 1 to 2 dropper fulls a day of their most concentrated one. Now I chew the gum as a supplement to what I’m getting with the medical marijuana. If I didn’t have access to that I would use the cbd hemp products more.