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Pain in chest

Hey guys! I just wanted some feedback before I psyche myself out. I have synovial sarcoma in my head /neck. I’m at UCLA and had 37 radiation treatments and 5 rounds of ifos/dox. In January my final scans were clear and my doctor believes I will be a longtime surviver after taking my case to the ucla board. Even though I didn’t have clear margins and their was some bone invasion. I had a full body scan which was clear but over the past few days I noticed a sore pain in my upper chest towards my collar bone. It’s only on the left side and feels like a pulled muscle but I know it’s not. When I breathe I feel fine but I’m still a little worried. It’s definitely a weird pain. My next scans are early April so I was just curious what you guys though.

Be sure to mention it to your oncologist (is it Chmielowski? I saw him, too) prior to the scans. They may want to scan a wider region.

Definitely call your doctor & let them know. They will know how to proceed - that's what they're for.

Yes, absolutely let you Dr.'s know where the pain is located. But, don't psyche yourself out too much. It could be nothing and there is no way to know without imaging etc etc. Your scans are soon, so that is in your benefit and you'll have something definitive soon. I would just relax until then.

I agree, you should tell your Dr, and id say sooner then later, doesn't hurt to shoot an email... from what i understand after reading a lot a lot of time, theres random pains, in random places... joints pains ect sometimes 2 years after chemo and radiation... theres also tumors in lungs ect that turn out to be benign and such... of course easier said then done for anyone to say "dont stress or psyche yourself out" ect... but God has gotten us through our times of waiting, and wondering and even finding out what it was the first time... you must keep positive most importantly and realize... none of us have control over what happens but we have all the control over how we react to it... and how we let IT control our lives... try to be strong.. writing helps too :) God Bless...

It cannot hurt to call your doctor now and mention the pain. My tumors always grew silent and never caused pain. Every time I have pain somewhere, I freak out but then it's nothing and goes away on its own. I do hope it's the same for you. Keep us posted :-)