Our stories are important. Will you share yours?


Ben's Friends is made possible by generous donors who help pay for the costs of maintaining our network. They share with us, and we would like to share your story with them. Post what Ben's Friends has meant to you!

In your post, we'd love to hear a bit about your Ben's Friends story: how you were welcomed, what the support of your peers did for you, how Ben's Friends has made a difference in your life and your family's life, or how being here has changed how you cope with your rare disease. Or anything else you can think of!

It doesn’t have to be long. And if you’d rather share your story privately, send a PM to me, or to ModSupport (find them in the members section.) Would you rather do a video testimonial? Even better! Send a PM to ModSupport. They will tell you the easiest way to do one.

Your turn! What has Ben’s Friends meant to you?


The information I have gained has been very helpful to me. Especially since I have a recurrence and am fighting the fight again.


Back to 2011, when start fighting with that unknown "monster", this place was a beacon to me.It was the only "safe" place to find reliable info. Since that fight, even with my wife been diagnosed finally with endometrial sarcoma(?) or benign leiomyomatosis(?), I still follow the strangle of human beings from around the world, try to feel their pain, joint my prayers for them. Sharing info and personal details makes our difficult lives a bit better. Thank You so much for being here for all of us. Andreas M